With the new expressways connecting Manila to Baguio, the Lourdes Baguio Villa is a secret waiting to be discovered for people who want a comfortable, and reasonably priced place to stay.

It is within city limits, just after the City Hall and the Market, on Naguilian Road. You can either ride the jeepneys that go to Dominican Hill or Lourdes Grotto from the Market.  Or, better yet, take a cab from the bus stations.  The cabs are cheaper than their counterparts in Manila.

The house has four bedrooms, the Master’s Bedroom and three Guest Rooms.

As you enter the house, there is a living room where the guests of the Master’s Bedroom can lounge around. The Master’s Bedroom is almost a self-contained room in a 56 sq.m. area.   There are  two queen sized beds that can sleep four people. But there is enough room for more family members who can use the futons to share the room. There is a small fridge where people can put their drinks and snacks. It is the favorite room for guests since it has a toilet ensuite.

The second floor has a large living room and the dining room with a wall-mounted 40″  TV.

The kitchen is attached to the dining room.  It has a fridge and an oven and has enough cutlery, plates and glasses, to serve up to 20 people.

The First Guest Room  has a queen-sized bed so it has room for two guests.

The Second Guest Room in the middle has two twin beds, so two people can sleep there.

The Third Guest Room has a queen sized bed and a twin bed. This can sleep three people.

There are three toilets all in all — one in the second floor, and two on the first floor.

The charge for renting the whole house is P5,000 a day. Smaller groups of transients can rent the rooms at P500 per person, without meals. The gardener stays in, and  he stays in the caretaker’s room in the basement. The Management of the Lourdes Baguio Villa is in Quezon City.  Please call Cheryl at her cellphone 0917-587-0003 or the QC Office landline at  (2) 411-8034.


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