It is difficult to believe that such a place exists smack in the middle of Baguio City.  As you turn off the busy Naguilian Road into  Dominican Road and traverse down the steep Queen of Peace Road, you see this chocolate-colored house with what seems to be a white belt on the right.  You buzz your way into the driveway, and the heavy steel door opens.

When the steel door closes, you are met with this visual array of colors — from the azaleas, from the passion flowers, from the annuals that  change every season.

The Driveway

You have the feeling that your experience is just about to begin– to be transported in a totally different world of flowers!

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The most unusual flowers in the Lourdes Baguio Villa are  the  Medineas — in deep purple, in light pink, like a bunch of grapes or flowers cascading from huge pink petals.

Spray of Medinea flowers

Tehn, there  are also  the red grape type Medinea flowers that come in deep purple and  redish pink tones.

Red Medinea

Dark Medinea

The giant ferns that were planted fifteen years ago had  now majestically risen to meet the sky.  They formed a fence that separated the top half of the lot from the lower half.

The Giant Ferns

The Giant Ferns

Nothing have given  guests of the Villa  more pleasure than to have lunch under the canopy of jade flowers that dripped from the sun roof in the garden.

Jade Flowers Dripping from the Roof

It was difficult to decide which was more the favorite of the Guests  — the Medineas or the Jade Flowers.

The Jade Flower

The Lourdes Baguio Villa  is now for sale.   The Lady of the House  hopes that the next owner will treasure each flower as it comes, and will continue to love this beautiful garden the way she enjoyed it  all these years.


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