Photographing Baguio

What better reason to go to Baguio other than to take pictures?

Sunrise over seven mountains

Believe it or not, these pictures were taken at the outskirts of Baguio, looking into the China Sea.  Some international photographers go all over the Philippines for its scenic beauty.  My husband, who has won a photo competition in Scotland himself, once joined his New York based photographer friend, Caloy Esguerra,  take pictures of Baguio’s  sunrise and sunsets.

Sunset over a cactus

Sunset over a cactus

I am not a photographer, but I can appreciate art, just like everybody else.  I like the drama in these two shots. First the gentle waves of the mountains, then the stark red sun in front of a lone cactus.    I also like the picture below, of the golden river  flowing into the China Sea.

Golden river meeting its source

Taking photos requires talent, and patience.  A photographer sees something that no ordinary human being can see.  When I go off on a photo shoot with my husband, I don’t bother taking my camera.  His photos just overwhelm my own shots.

Patience?  Taking a photo is like waiting for –“the ONE”.  Thank God for digital cameras.  No more wasting all those precious films. Just make sure you have enough batteries, enough memory, and, if you are taking pictures in the dark (which you will most likely do), a mosquito repellant.

And, one last shot– if you are staying at the Lourdes Villa, you can make arrangements with Gardener Jose for him to come in early to help you carry all those heavy camera equipment.


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