Yummy Meals at the Lourdes Villa

What more can a person want when there is first class accommodation, and the staff is polite, and the food is superb? The owners want to share with you a “full service” lodgings.  People can use the kitchen, but why should you do that, when the menu is really mouth-watering and served at its freshest state.

Supper Day 1

Light meal

Vilma, the new cook, who worked in the Middle East as a cook, surprised us with her light dinner. She brushed the raisin bread with butter, then toasted it. The fresh green salad was matched with a mayo-mustard light sauce. And the main dish was a beef with forest mushrooms.

Lunch Day 2

Tasteful arrangement

Lunch was heavier than dinner. Vilma served us pea soup, green beans with shrimps, and tender roast pork. The spoons and forks she laid out were from the Owner’s Bangkok collection with the Buddhas on their handles.  I thoroughly enjoyed this meal.

Spinach soup with dumpling

Spinach soup with dumpling

I thought Vilma’s cooking had already shown her best recipes.  But lunch came, and this one was another surprise– spinach soup with a dumpling.  I like the subtle taste of the soup.  It reminded me of being in a Chinese restaurant, not unlike the Shaolin Tea House that is in the Casatina Apartel in Timog, Quezon City.  The Casatina Apartel belongs to the chain of serviced apartels owned by the owner of Lourdes Villa.

Roast Pork

Roast Pork with gravy

I can’t resist showing you the gem of a roast pork that Vilma cooked for us. It was so tender, and that sauce she dribbled over it was so artistic!  Most of the time, we prefer white meat, but Vilma’s roast pork was too delicious to ignore!

green beans with mustard

Green beans with mustard

Baguio is known for its freshest vegetables.  Vilma always buys them early in the morning, so that the vegetables are tender with the slightest cooking.  This kind of cooking preserves the nutrients of the vegetables. It is very good for the health.

Papaya and carrot JuiceHealth enthusiasts will enjoy this Villa very much.  For breakfast, there is fresh carrot juice and papayas to start the day.  Those who like their “whatever-si-log” can make their requests the night before.  Or you can ask for french toasts, pancakes, jams and preserves.   The cook is at your command!

Vilma charges for three meals full board P1,500 a day per person.  The meals have soup, vegetables, a main entree, and fruit for dessert. When strawberries are in season, her strawberry dessert with cream-and-cheese is to die for.

I can’t wait until the next time I visit the Lourdes Villa!


2 responses to “Yummy Meals at the Lourdes Villa

  1. I have a veryverySOFT spot for anything and everything that is BAGUIO!
    the pics are all so STUNNING but from a romantic’s eye, that SUN set(?) never fails to make me SIGH!
    Villa Lourdes here I come!!!

  2. I have stayed at Lourdes Villa, and what is written here is so true. The Princess Room is my favorite room in the house. The view from the balcony is breathtaking and a refreshing change from what I normally see in Manila.

    Another surprise is the food prepared by the cook, Vilma – simple but delicious!

    I love going to Baguio to get away from the heat and the hustle and bustle of Manila. I will definitely visit Lourdes Villa again!

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