The First Wisteria Blossom

I have always loved the Wisteria as a flower. I first found out about the Wisteria when I read the Genji Monogatari, a tale about a royal family during the Shogunate in Japan. Wisteria Blossom

Anyone who loves romance, royalty, and Japan, should read this book at least once in their lives.

Just the name “wisteria” evokes “wistfulness” and “hysteria” , two very contrary meanings.  I often wondered how a wisteria flower would look like. Would it bring out wistfulness or hysteria in me?

When my husband and I went to Italy, we were surprised to see a whole wall of wisteria blossoms! They looked like tiny dainty grapes dripping over their vines.

When we visited the Lourdes Villa in Baguio, we were surprised to see the first blossom of the same plant.  So a wisteria can blossom in Baguio!   While the jade flowers looked  like an aquamarine boar teeth strung into a necklace, the wisteria, the first wisteria blossom, we heard, was still shyly trying to see whether it could  survive in this new place. The Owner told us that he got this plant from seeds he bought during his trip to New Zealand.

There are wisteria plants that grow in the lowlands.  A farm in Teresa, Rizal sells wisteria plants, but their flowers do not have the delicate quality of the first wisteria blossom I saw in Lourdes Baguio.

I’ll be happy to see how the wisteria plant at the Lourdes Villa is getting along, when I visit it again this time next year.


2 responses to “The First Wisteria Blossom

  1. I was wondering, what is the name of the farm in Teresa, Rizal that sells wisteria? I had no idea wisteria can be planted here.

    • I have to ask the AANI, or Agricultural Aquaculture group, what farm we went to. The wisteria in Baguio is fuller, so much more like the ones you see in four season countries. The blossom of the wisteria that I saw in Teresa, Morong, Rizal, was thinner, smaller, like malunggay leaves. But then, the wisteria in Baguio does not bloom so profusely as the ones in 4-season countries. It only has one blossom at at time.

      Just like the Jacarandas in Baguio are not as profuse as the Jacarandas in Nairobi, Kenya.

      Anyway, I will get back to you. Normally, during the weekends, the AANI sends me a text message as to where they are showing what this weekend. If you love plants and fishes, go to the QC Circle in front of PhilCoa and be a member. They have MANY field trips that are interesting. You won’t be sorry, I promise.

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