Panagbenga Flower Festival

I had just come from viewing the Annual Panagbenga Festival.  This is the time when Baguio rolls out its best floats made of real flowers, and entertains everyone with the street dancing and float presentations.

Dancing flowers

It was hard to try to get the best position to take pictures of the dancers. I thought this group had the best costume, petals on their necks and really good combination in their dresses. The photographers had a good time taking pictures, and the dancers felt it was worth all the effort when their photos were taken by enthusiastic photographers.

Milflores Hydrangea

I liked the splash of color in this float. It was a float filled with a thousand flowers, of which the name, “Milflowers” or hydrangeas, seemed so apt.

I should put more pictures of the Panagbenga in this blog.
The one below is so delicate, I really loved it.

Violet Tinkerbells

Weren’t these girls precious?  I really loved their costumes and their make up.

There is a prize for the best presentation, best float.  For me, they are all winners, since every year, more and more people come to watch the Panagbenga and see the talents that Baguio and its surrounding areas have to offer in terms of beauty and culture!

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  1. I just loved the pictures in this blog……..

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